by Jester's Promenade

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released April 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Jester's Promenade New Windsor, New York

Ever wonder what inspired our name?

Here it is: From Pinnacle by KANSAS.

"Cast this shadow long that I may hide my face

And in this cloak of darkness, the world I will embrace

In all that I endure, of one thing I am sure

Knowledge and reason change like the season, a jester's promenade"
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Track Name: The Archway
The Archway
music: John Curtin, lyrics & melody, Joel Pirard, arrangement, Jester's Promenade

She was a raven-haired beauty
She was a reason for life
When she looked at me the light did shine
I’d never had that feeling before
In the mystic garden, in the cooling rain
Singing out our lives as we danced upon the plain
Like a living fantasy, a dream to behold
Who could imagine, how the tale would unfold?
And when we would meet, with mischief in her eyes
The fullness of my heart would almost make me cry
Once in a lifetime, one gets to feel free
The meeting of souls, come to pass.
In the sadness of time, she suddenly died,
The unbreakable bond torn apart
What could I do, I was losing my mind
All alone with the pieces of my heart

I ran to the Archway, where we first met
I sat there and I cried out to the stars
How long it was, I do no know,
I can’t recall
Somehow a voice, that I could hear
Looking up I saw her, on the other side
Smiling as always she said:
“promises broken, have not happened here, we’ll be together again”
The light in the Archway
Shimmered as she spoke
“Remember my love I will be here
She held up her hand in a gesture of farewell
Remember I’ll always be here,
Waiting for you
Remember I’ll always be here,
Waiting for you
In the Archway, I’ll be waiting for you… through the Archway, on the other side
Track Name: the tide of love
words & music Joel Pirard

Rise the tide of love, the hope, I feel
Nowhere did I see it coming
Nowhere did I ever think that I would know
Feelings that you bring, my heart, it sings
There’s no simple explanation
There is nothing in my life to show
What to do when this comes to pass
How to cope if it doesn’t last
Still the joy as it came to be
Oh I pray we will get to see it through
Then I see your eyes, the window to your soul
There’s a sudden understanding
All the doubt just fades away to dust
Watch the tale of love, as it speaks to me
There’s a sudden rush of feeling
Who on earth would know that it would be
What to do when this comes to pass
How to cope if it doesn’t last
Still the joy as it came to be
Oh I pray we will get to see it through
Rise the tide of love
The hope, is real…
Track Name: NEXUS
In the center of our soul search
In the crux of our creation
In the maelstrom of emotion
Is the light of love divine
It’s the NEXUS of the story
It’s the start of something new
It’s the crown of all creation
The beginning the center, true
Moving on anticipation
Going forward ideas true
Reawaken former glory
As the sounds of old renew
Moving past this recollection
Making it a dream so real
Sounds anew anticipating
How the new songs will reveal
Now the song has come to flourish
Now the seed is planted deep
Flying on the flowing Nexus
Where it’s going it will lead
to keep the truth alive
Track Name: catch the clues

Listen to the voices singing
See the open door
Overhead the birds are winging
To the ocean shore, (to the shore)

On the horizon, storm clouds gather, the rain starts to fall
Feel the nature in abundance, lighting striking far away
Naked power fills our senses, spilling out, the ocean spray

Nature’s gifts to us are everywhere, if we take the time to see
Catch the clues that come from what is there, showing us what it can be
If we look around and taste the air, if we prize the cord of life
Will we foolishly let go the gift, will we forget to see the light
From above?

Soon the light shows the way
Through the night, dawn the day, of peace
Sweet release, the sun will shine
From cloudless skies, to show the way
The path, is now so clear, we hold it dear,
If we allow ourselves, to dream.
Track Name: A Distant Anywhere

First there is a silence then there is a sound
Third there is a darkness the light rebounds
Fourth there is a knowledge but the knowledge is lost
Fifth there is a reckoning and a measure of the cost
Finally an echo, a semblance of the truth
Opening a vision and becoming the new
Can we understand it? It all seems so unknown
Will the final prophecy be as it was foretold?

Then, somewhere, echoes of a scene,
As we wander, in the hallowed dream
Re-awakened, knowledge is revealed
Are the tidings that it brings, something to conceal?

As we enter the final stage, as it enters the night,
Will we manage to turn the page, to take another flight?
Is imagination growing, as the truth appears?
Is the story fact or fiction, is it truly real?
It’s an ever-growing concept, an everlasting touch
A musical expression that we crave so much
Magical connections, somewhere or there
Taking on a brand new life to a distant anywhere

Oh, no, this is not the way
Pray, tell me, are we going astray?
Into the great unknown, into darkened skies,
Venture forth the final cut, is it truth or lies?

The hourglass is flowing, the sands are going down
No matter what we do or say, time moves ever on
Realization seems so simple yet it still is true
Make the most of what you have there’s so much left to do
An ever-growing concept, an everlasting touch
A musical expression that we crave, so much
Magical connections, somewhere or there
Taking on a brand new life to a distant anywhere.
Track Name: THE WAITING ROOM SUITE: Crash, 3000 Miles, Know, The Game, Starchild
I. CRASH (Overture)
II. 3,000 MILES
It happened on a sunny day
Black road-top, ripples rising
Took a sharp turn way too fast
Hot tires took to flying
World tumbled, whirled around
Earth turned sky, sky turned ground
A flash, a crash, then not a sound
On that day ..
.Fate's rivers unwind
Two souls intertwined
3,000 miles away
On that very same day
It happened on a rainy day
Black ice sheen, danger hiding Hit the slick patch unawares
Cold tires took to sliding
World tumbled, spun around
Earth turned sky, sky fell down
A crash, a flash, then not a sound On that day ...
Fate's rivers unwind
Kindred souls intertwined
3,000 miles away
On that very same day

So here we sit, side by side
Two souls alone, no place to hide
We make our nervous overtures And then it comes with just a word
I know you
Another time, another place
You knew me by a different face
A different race, a different name
So much more than just a game
You know me

I'll show to you my avatar
So that you'll know just who we are
And then you'll see that we were friends
Just as before, so now again
I know you
You know me
We know us

So here we are back in the game
Now played out on a higher plane
No more need for cold machines
These worlds made real, straight from our dreams
Valleys, canyons, river wide
The rolling plain, stark mountainside
From the forest to the sea
It's just the start of what can be
Then summon up a lively crew
Of questors bold, companions true
A stalwart band to bravely go
Through trial and strife to meet the foe
Fabled champions, one and all
Who answer to adventure's call
We'll venture forth across the lands
With righteous justice in our hands
Storming the castle walls
Storming Heaven
Slay the dragon, seize the prize
'Neath golden sun and starlit skies
Live the story to the end
Then if we choose, do it all again
We can be anything
We can be anyone
Under or over the sun

But something's missing, something's wrong
This is not where we belong
This fantasy holding us here
Has made obscure what should be clear
Who are we?
The time has come to put away
The childish things of yesterday
To trade this muse of lands afar
For who and what we really are
Now see me ...
It happened on an endless day
Eyes opened, spirits rising
Out beyond this waiting room
Two souls took to flying
Move up, move on
Past a world now gone
Close the book, turn the page
To a timeless new age
Move up, move on
Through your second dawn
The great unknown
Will now be shown
And then this puzzle will be solved
The essence of true self resolved
The light of consciousness evolved
While all the universe revolves
And everything will be as one
Over and under the suns

( remember I'll always be here, waiting for you, and everything will be as one, over and under, the suns )